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BE Season 2 set to release March 15, 2016!

The award-winning series that Calaine co-created-wrote-produced, and acted in is on schedule to launch it's second season on March 15, 2016. Catch up on Season 1 here and stay tuned for Launch Party Details!

The Learning Project

Calaine has started workshop rehearsals with the Stella Adler Studio Outreach Division OutsideIn Theatre Company in their inaugural production  The Learning Project.  An unique  theatre company brings together an incredible diverse group of people from current Adler faculty and students to Alum to students who have participated in Stella Adler Programs at Rikers Island and the Phoenix House. Touring dates coming soon.

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Patronage, a fairytale by Kati Frazier

December 2015 - Calaine played a Countess that would not be wooed without a rhyme scheme or at the very least alliteration in Kati Frazier's new play Patronage, directed by Corinne Woods, produced by Random Access Theatre Company in association with Not Without Rage. With Jamie Boswell and Ivanna Cullinan.

The Pit

November 2015 - Calaine played the lead in a short student film directed by Laura Archer for the masters program at Brooklyn College. Shot on location in upper state New York on the shores of Lake Ontario and in Brooklyn.